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In 2010, Harvard researchers Killingsworth & Gilbert stated that our minds wander almost 50% of the time. This has been correlated with being unhappy and unproductiveness.

Based on neuroscience, our brain can be rewired using mind training.
SAP, one of the biggest software company, has shown a 200% return on investment (ROI) on their 6 years of mindfulness programs, with the workshops leading to an increased in employee engagement and leadership trust index, and a drop in absenteeism.


There are many studies stating that mindfulness practice in organization leads to higher trust, performance and happiness.


Mindfulness studies have been published since 1999

50 %

higher productivity in companies with high-trust culture
-Harvard Business Review-


Increase in sales when the team are happy
-Harvard Business Review-

Our Programs

All programs could be offered in English, Thai or Bilingual.

In-house corporate training

We partner with your organization to offer customized in-house training to develop soft skill, communication or mindfulness leadership program.

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Search Inside Yourself

Originally developed at Google by leading experts in neuroscience, business, and psychology, our programs teach practical mindful leadership and emotional intelligence tools to bring out your best.

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Insight to Master Myself

Learn how to lead you own life from searching within.

Who am I?
Where is my place in the world?
How to live a joyful life?
How to train my mind?

Program Package:
1-Day Workshop 
1-month follow up
1 online webinar
weekly online group practice

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Insight to Lasting Relationships

Learn how to transform our relationship at work, family and life.
How to lead purpose-driven team?
How to engage in a difficult conversation?
How to open our hearts to people whom we are in conflicts with?

Program Package:
2-day workshops 
3-month follow up 
3 online webinars
monthly online group practice

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Insight to Simple Living

Learn how to reconnect to the Earth. Simple leadership. Lead with non-attainment mindset

How to understand deeper meaning of being alive?
How to co-create with the Earth for sustainability?
How to let go of our own ego?

Program Package:
3-days workshop
6-month followup
5-online webinars
monthly online group practice

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The Insight Family Retreat

Based on mindfulness, neuroscience, and coaching, it is time to reconnect to ourselves, our loved ones deeper. Recharge, reflect, relearn so we can move forward with insight.

2 days weekend retreat

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One-on-one Mindfulness Coaching

If you need a partner to listen, ask, inspire, and be a sounding board so you can own your life and bring out your full potential with mindfulness-based coaching, this program is right for you. Customized the program based on needs and you.

Method: Online or In person
Duration: 3-12 Months
Past recommended coaching topic: Growth mindset, Self-Leadership, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, or Societal Leadership.

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Mini Programs

Mindfulness At Work

The Science and Practical Tools for Productivity and Happiness

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Here with You

Art of Mindful Relationships

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Holistic approach to practical Self-Care At Work

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